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"We can't thank you enough for your support, love, care and wisdom over the past 9 months. Birthing Jordan was the most amazing and empowering experience. I didn't have a doula for my first birth and it truly made such a of the best decisions I made this time around!  I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone, she's one of a kind and I feel very lucky to have had her by my side throughout this journey."


"Having Heidi support me during Zeno's birth was incredibly empowering - a life changing moment. Having her there enabled me to focus. I felt held and supported and able to accept the circumstances that my husband most likely would not make it. He was 18 hours away in outback WA. Instead of going into fear and being overwhelmed, I was able to accept, centre and remain grounded ... The white noise was kept at a distance with Heidi liaising between my husband, family and medical staff. Considering the circumstances, this being my first time birth and in labour at 35 weeks, it could have been a very different experience. I am eternally grateful for Heidi's support, care and love."


It was such an honour to have Heidi by my side throughout my pregnancy journey and there for my birth. She gave me her full presence and complete respect when navigating needs and wishes for the beautiful arrival of my baby. Heidi gave her complete all when helping me birth. Her passion and love shone through as she created a space where I felt totally held by her and could trust in her abilities to guide me. I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone I know about to embark on their birthing experience.


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