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My Doula Services

Pregnancy & Birth Support

  • Free Initial in-person consultation without obligation.

  • 2-3 pre-birth meetings 2hours each to get to know each other and plan for birth, involving educational and practical sessions.

  • Phone and email support

  • Guidance for writing your birth preferences.

  • On call from 38 weeks (2 weeks either side of due date) for labour and birth at home and/or hospital.

  • 1-2 post natal visits. One in the early days to check everything is going well and troubleshoot any issue that may come up around breast feeding and general well being. The other visit is to debrief the birth, this can be weeks or months later.

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Pregnancy, Birth and Post natal Support

This package offers continuity of care into  motherhood for a gentle intergration for mum and bub.

  • Everything in the pregnancy and birth package above

  • 9 hours of post natal support- this can be taken in increments of 3hours or more at a time.  During this time I am happy to help with anything you may need, including meal preparation, holding and helping with children/baby while you have showers/sleep or have appointments, light house work, listening, chatting, comfort support or massage.

Baby's Clutch

Post natal Support and Birth debrief

Post natal Support

  • Even if I haven't been at your birth, as a separate service I am happy to help with anything you may need, including meal preparation, helping with baby while you have showers/sleep or have errands, light house work, listening, comfort support or massage.

Post natal birth debrief

  • Sharing your birth story can be a powerful process.  Being the life changing experience that it is, you deserve the time to honour the process and gather the pearls of wisdom that appear during birth.

Mother's Kiss
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Closing of the bones - Postpartum ritual

A Mexican postpartum ritual, referred to as, closing of the bones.  It is an ancient practice from Mexican midwives, however a similar rituals are practiced in many traditional cultures through out the world.  I have had the privilege of learning this ritual from Anna Watts, who was taught by the traditional midwives of Queretaro.

This ritual traditionally performed during the postpartum period, honours a birthing woman who has opened herself physically, energetically and emotionally in her transformation into motherhood.  As my teacher, Jane Hardwicke Collings has said, 'any pregnancy results in a birth.'  Therefore this postpartum ritual can be for honouring and assisting with closure after a termination or early pregnancy loss, to mark the end of breastfeeding or any rite of passage in a woman's life.  This can be done within days or birth or even many years later.  

Head shot closing thebones.jpeg
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